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Our Programs

Private Lessons

Private classes form the core of our program offerings for one reason – they work.  They make our students better speakers and more effective communicators. They follow the BASA curriculum, but allow teachers to adapt to individual students’ strengths and weaknesses and engineer a program specifically tailored to create a successful speaker. The BASA method uses literature as the source material to practice speaking ideas with meaning and impact. Our goal with all of our students is to provide them the tools and experience necessary to succeed in any speaking situation. Whether speaking with peers or superiors, in one-on-one situations or in front of large groups, BASA students stand out from the crowd. 

The tools learned in the classroom are important, but are only truly effective when paired with performance experiences. Thus, throughout the year students are given the opportunity to perform under pressure in a variety of environments. Each term of classes concludes with a recital, festival or examination in which students, who are prepared for success, can perform under pressure in front of an audience. It is this experience which provides the foundation for increased confidence and skill.

Confident communication is not just about being loud and clear but interesting and inspired. Persuasive speakers are not just the ones who can speak the longest but the ones that can speak with passion and conviction.

Our students learn the fundamentals of effective speaking. We teach the concepts and techniques of clarity, volume, expression, posture, gesture and eye contact. We explore these concepts using literature and the tools of drama because once we understand how great authors craft their words, we can understand how to have more impact with our own.

Our students achieve success not only because of what we teach but because we go to great lengths to individualize their course of study to ensure that the focus is on achieving their unique goals. Each private Speech Arts session is adapted to the interest, passion and experience level of the student, motivating them to learn as much as possible on the road to becoming confident and effective speakers.


All Speech Arts classes are private sessions that are scheduled for 30 minutes once per week on a term-by-term basis. Our term dates closely match those of local schools. We also offer summer classes which are scheduled weekdays daily for two weeks for a total of 10 classes, equivalent to a term. Please contact us for current availability.

Private lessons are available for students age 5 and up.