The Writers’ Room is a space that allows students to challenge the opportunity a blank page provides, gain confidence, and develop independent thinking skills, which empowers their writing process for the rest of their lives. Students are given the flexibility to attend for half an hour before or after their speech arts classes.


Students will:

  • Receive guidance from the Writer-in-Residence

  • Develop the skills to work independently

  • Have access to prompts that change weekly

  • Work in a variety of genres, from poetry to memoir

  • Have the opportunity to enter contests and submit to publications

Writer’s Room Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 3:30 - 9:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Grades: 2+

*Supervised hours may vary, check sign in the Writers’ Room for updated times



These intensive classes cater to the writing needs of individual students in a one-on-one setting. By tapping into specific writing styles and genres, students will learn how to effectively communicate their unique perspective on paper. Our Private Writing Instructors are professional writers, who will give students the opportunity to engage with their personal interests and ideas, tailored to students’ individual needs and interests, strengths and weaknesses, and specific writing goals and projects.


Students have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a positive, productive relationship with writing

  • Channel their own voices and take ownership of their work

  • Work on both short- and long-term projects

  • Study a variety of genres, including poetry, fiction, and memoir

  • Refine their grammatical and editing skills

Grades: 2 – 12
Class Length: 28 minutes



BASA’s group writing classes offer guidance from instructors and encouragement from peers, through a curriculum that allows for in-class writing time, as well as peer workshopping opportunities.  The final lesson in the group writing classes is a staged reading, which enables students to write towards a deadline, build community, and showcase their accomplishments.


 Students will:

  • Explore a variety of writing styles and techniques

  • Learn to adapt their skills to any assignment

  • Develop the ability to give and receive feedback

  • Follow an editing process, from idea generation to final draft

  • Communicate their ideas clearly and concisely

Young Authors I – Grade 1
Young Authors II – Grade 2
Young Authors III – Grades 3-4 Young Authors IV — Grades 5-6

Class Length: 50 minutes



The SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) is an admissions test required by many of the top independent schools across North America. Unlike other SSAT prep courses, ours focuses solely on the writing sample portion, which is used to assess students’ writing ability, creativity, and organizational skills.  Using techniques honed through BASA’s Writers’ Room and as a professional writer, our Writer-in-Residence will prepare students for success during the live SSAT writing experience, through a number of in-class and at-home writing exercises based on previous SSAT tests.


The course will prepare students for success in:

  • Story creation and execution

  • Time management and organization

  • Punctuation and grammar

  • Clarity and precision

  • Story structure, tense, and point of view

Grades: 4 – 7
Class Length: 50 minutes


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